Other Services

yourorganiser Screen Saver
Download the yourorganiser screen saver featuring "Ollie" our favourite organiser.

yourorganiser Palm PQA
Use your web clipping enabled Palm Organiser to view appointments, to do's and reminders for a selected day whilst on the move.

Perfect for viewing a Personal Organiser that is updated by more than one person (eg a personal assistant or partner).

SMS Reminders

This service has been temporarily suspended

SMS or short message service reminders can now be sent from yourorganiser to your mobile phone. We have selected a provider who will not only be able to provide SMS in Australia, our home country but also be able to provide SMS over various networks and in many international countries. That's what will make our SMS a complete add on.

Just register for the SMS option (via the other services tab once you have logged in or via the preferences screen) and you will be able to send your reminders to your mobile phone. You will even be able to log into the SMS service provider and use your account to send SMS message to other mobile phones. It is a fantastic add on.

SMS Messages are billed in Australian dollars at a rate of 22c per message to Australian carriers and 44c to all other international carriers.

And if you have a suggestion for a service you would like to see send me an email at chief@yourorganiser.com.au.