Netweek February 2000

Get Yourself Organised

01 February, 2000

Now the Internet is even threatening to make the most disorganised people models of efficiency, if the folks at YourOrganiser have anything to do with it!

This is the ultimate 'wired diary' for people on the move. YourOrganiser features an address book, as well as letting you log in your meetings, appointments and 'to do' lists.

It's not all work and no play - YourOrganiser lets you key in dates for most Australian sporting events and fixtures, as well as for overseas sports like tennis, cricket and golf. If you're feeling virtuous, there's also room for you to remember dates from up to seven religious calendars!

Thanks to YourOrganiser, you need never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again. Not only can you set yourself reminders to pick up that special something for that special someone, but YourOrganiser also plans to launch a gift suggestion engine in the near future, which will let you select gifts from a range of online retailers. Upcoming vendors include Dymocks, Roses Only and Downbeat Music.

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