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organiser By JOHN MARR

16 January, 2000

Will the on-line calendar/organiser market be the next "killer" application on the Internet?

Sydney's Evelyn Moolenburgh and Julian Donohue hope so.

They are the joint CEOs of claimed as the first real Australian Interactive diary and address book on the Web and offering free membership.

The organiser, providing e-mail reminders, task lists and event listings and all the information designed to get you safely and succesfully through your day, went on-line on New Year's Day and can be accessed by users from any web browser anywhere in the world.

The on-line calendar market is poised to take off in this country and the Oz version joins a growing international market, predicted by analysts IDC to have 60 million users worldwide by 2002.

The potential impact of the online calendar market was compared to the explosion of free email by commentator John Hilvert.

"As with free email, these sites offer basic services, paid for by advertising banners on the site, yet they may prove the next killer application on the Net," he said.

With, the site is password protected and as a member you are able to access your own personal diary where you can log in meetings, appointments, 'to do' items and personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

The address book manages all your business and personal contacts and as with the diary is accessible from any browser anywhere. The event calender, lets you select public holidays for more than 30 countries; up to seven religious calenders; and sports fixtures for more than 20 sports - including major Australian football and soccer codes. In addition, there is international tennis, cycling, cricket, golf and more. Once selected the events are logged into your diary.

And yourorganiser aims to grow: Next month, the service aims to offer synchronisation with both handheld computers/organisers and desktop calenders including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Organiser and Notes.

Using the SMS (short message service), reminders can be sent to your mobile phone as well as e-mailed to your computer and using WAP (wireless application protocol) users will be able to access their diary, address book and the 'to-dos list from an enabled mobile phone.

The company also intends to add a gift suggestion engine at a later date to lock into special event, reminders. It already has signed 25 traders, including Dymocks, Roses Only, dStore, and Downbeat Music to offer suggestions.

The company will have an English service, offering UK sports in its diary listings, in April.

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