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Company hopes to make it a date By Stewart Mitchell, ZDNet News

30 December, 1999

Forgetful Australians will have an online tool to help them remember important dates and appointments following the launch of yourorganiser.com.au, according to joint company CEO Evelyn Moolenburgh. An Australian first, the server-based venture is due to launch on the first day of 2000 and will act as an online interactive diary and address book, offering e-mail reminders, task lists and event listings. "I believe we are the first people in Australia to offer this service," said Moolenburgh. "I think Yahoo! and perhaps one of the other portals have diaries, but they don't have all the Australian events listed." With the event calender, users can select public holidays for over 30 countries, up to seven religious calenders and sports fixtures for over 20 sports, including all four Australian football codes. With yourorganiser.com.au, customer information is password protected and only members are able to access their personal diary, where they can log in meetings, appointments, 'to do' items and personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries. According to Moolenburgh, there are numerous advantages to storing personal diaries with a server "One of the major benefits of this system is that you don't have to carry all that information around with you in a paper diary, which can be lost," she said. "And what other diary will remind you by email, wherever you are, that it is Mothers' Day in the UK?" By February, yourorganiser hopes to be able to add synchronisation to both handheld and desktop calenders and to utilise SMS (Short Message Service) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

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