This is a quote from a booklet on the future of event marketing: "In the new consumer economy, the consumer is king. This means the consumer comes first. This replaces the old brand first philosophy. Consumers need to be recognised and acknowledged; they want companies to support their interests and experiences not just flog the brand. "This thinking has developed an new era of fundraising which is in its infancy. The theory is to use the buying power of the school community, and leverage that with corporations who wish to market to that community. It makes the corporations support the interests of the consumer and their community.

With a group of local schools, there are sufficient numbers to tender for basic services such as electricity and telecommunications. The corporations get to supply products and services to the schools and their families at a competitive price. They also support the school's fundraising efforts. In exchange, the school's community agrees to support the corporation. If your school or community group would be interested in finding out more, register by following the link below.


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To find innovative ways for Australian Schools to raise funds from new sources such as the corporate sector.



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